January 9, 2009 Fund Raiser: Arie Luyendyk

25. January, 2013


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Arie Luyendyk made his second appearance at the Mathews Collection on January 9th to promote the new High Plains Raceway track and inspire donations to continue infrastructure development. Arie did numerous hotlaps at the track during the day while giving rides to media and donors. Later that evening with about 250 in attendance, he gave his impressions of the circuit.

He seemed impressed by the track, using words to describe it such as; challenging, difficult, with good passing zones. He mentioned several less than desirable areas for runoff due to drop offs. He also stated it would be a casino jameshallison difficult track to learn and wouldn’t be mastered in a day.

Dinner for the evening was donated by Bill Ferguson from Famous Dave’s. If you haven’t had Famous Dave’s barbeque, due yourself a favor and plan on it soon. You won’t be sorry.